What we do

"With more than 15 years experience in the travel industry, I wanted to create an agency that is the best it can be, focussing on creating a tailored travel experience for each and every client" - says Neil Pirie, founder of Generation Travel Group.

Planning a holiday might seem like an easy task, a quick online search, a read of the most recent reviews and before you know it you've typed in your card details. But… Did you really consider all the options, did you think about all the opportunities, destinations and experiences that are available to you and are you really making the most of your valuable travel time?

Welcome to Generation Travel, a travel agency whose mindset is less about 'getting a cheap deal on a holiday' and more about 'creating an experience for every kind of traveller'.

Working closely with our clients, this positive experience begins with your initial enquiry and continues throughout the process as we provide you with opportunities and experiences that offer the most inspirational, yet affordable, range of travel products and services – and all with the full financial protection you would expect, giving you complete peace of mind at all times.